As a skilled writer with a background in a variety of styles, ranging from not-for-profit work to television critiques, I have the ability to adapt to many different writing assignments.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in communications, with a minor in film studies, from Tulane University, in addition to an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

My work experience includes newspaper journalism, where I covered local politics, community events, entertainment and composed feature stories. In these positions, I also gained Associated Press-style editing experience, as well as newspage, web page and ad design expertise.  I later transitioned into the public relations field, working as a writer and designer for a not-for-profit organization.  There I am responsible for a variety of writing assignments, including press releases, newsletters, memos, ad copy, website copy and various proposals. Design experience in this position includes ad, website, electronic communication, newsletter and proposal layouts.

In addition to my work experience, I also enjoy blogging in my free time.  I currently write for two diverse blogs.  Hunny I’m Home is my personal blog and includes posts about homeschooling, crafting and party planning.  My television-focused blog, Couch Cushion Binge, discusses entertainment-related topics with a focus on TV.  I also enjoy writing fictional prose.

My diverse background lends itself to a plethora of opportunities.  As a one-stop-shop for both writing and design, I am a desirable candidate for any business looking for PR or marketing work.  My journalism background and varied educational interests are also an assets, as I have a wide knowledge base and am adept at research.  As a detail-oriented writer and designer who is driven by deadlines, I will offer a superb product every time.

Past work samples can be viewed here , in addition to a selection of online writing samples available here.  My resume and references are available upon request.


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