Making Summer Learning Fun: Pirate Treasure Hunt

We continued our summer school fun with a pirate week, upon my little one’s request.  We have complete several pirate-themed units, so I had to recycle some of our sit-down activities.  But I was able to find a few new worksheets to keep things interesting.


I found several fun worksheets and games on Twinkl, including a pirate addition sheet, pirate dot-to-dot, pirate create-a-face, and pirate tic-tac-toe.  We also used some pages from pirate printable packs at Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1.  I also created some pirate see and spell words to use with letter tiles.


Our fun activity this week came from Fun A Day: exploding pirate treasure chests!  To make the fizzing chests, I mixed baking soda and water to create paste, then added some lemon Jell-O to add coloring and scent.  Lemon wasn’t a good choice because the color wasn’t very vibrant, but was the only flavor I had in the pantry.  Make sure you use plenty of baking soda to get the fizzing effect.  Once you have your mixture ready, pour it into an ice cube tray, add the “treasure” (we used pennies and plastic jewels) and freeze.


Then, use vinegar to fizz the ice from the treasure or hot water to melt it away.

Here are a few other pirate-related activities to keep learning during the summer:

Sinking Ship experiment from Kids Activities Blog

Magic Treasure Rocks from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Sink or Float? Pirate Style from Science Sparks


Making Summer Learning Fun: Superhero Catapults and Slime

I had planned to take a break from homeschooling during the summer, but my little guy loves the activities we do much that he kept asking, “Are we doing school today mommy?” So I decided to incorporate more fun, play-based activities into the mix this summer, with less focus on sitting down and doing worksheets.

Make Learning Fun: Superhero Catapult and Slime

Our first activity revolved around superheroes, of course!  I printed out some pages from 1+1+1=1’s Batman preschool pack, and also created a few worksheets on my own.  My little guy loves letter tiles, so I included some Batman see and spell sheets into the mix, as well as some Batman math problems.
Make Learning Fun: Superhero Catapult and Slime

Then we got to the fun stuff! Before our lesson that day, I mixed up some Borax-free slime, thanks to this recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose:

Make Learning Fun: Superhero Catapult and SlimeKool-Aid Slime Recipe

1 tbsp of Metemucil with psyllium

1 cup water

1 packet any flavor Kool-aid, for color and smell

In a large bowl, mix the Metemucil, water and Kool-Aid until combined.  Microwave on high for about two minutes or until the mixture begins bubbling.  Mix again and return to the microwave for another two minutes.  Mix one more time, then allow the slime to completely cool before playing with it.  The mixture will thicken as it cools.

Make Learning Fun: Superhero Catapult and Slime

We also created popsicle stick catapults, thanks to these great instructions from Little Bins for Little Hands.  We experimented with the catapults and aiming, the shot his superhero and villain toys into the slime bowl.  He was apprehensive about the slime at first, but quickly started digging in and getting messy.  This activity was a huge hit!

Make Learning Fun: Superhero Catapult and Slime

Here are a few other superhero-related educational play ideas I came across but didn’t have time for:

Batman Escape from Ice Mountain from Crafts on Sea

What Do We Do All Day has compiled a great list of Superhero-related science experiments

Hands on as We Grow’s Sticky Spider Web