Pre-K Homeschooling: Advanced Dinosaur Unit

I took a brief hiatus from blogging for the summer, but now that we’re settled back into a routine, I’m back! My little guy started half-day preschool a couple of weeks ago, so we’ve been adjusting our schedule and trying to figure out what works best for us. Even though he’s in school now, he’s already far beyond anything he’s learning while he’s there, so I decided to continue our program at home as well…especially since he’s been asking to do it anyway!

wpid-imag2038.jpgRight now he is OBSESSED with dinosaurs, so I’m using that to my advantage and creating a unit focused on dinosaurs. He especially loves learning the dinosaur’s technical names and scientific facts related to them so I’m trying to work that stuff into the basic preschool-type worksheets we’re used to.

I created an uppercase/lowercase matching printable with dinosaur graphics, as well as a set of printable outlines that we used in our fossil hunt. To use the outlines like we did, just print two sets (one on white cardstock and one on a colored paper). Then, cut along the outline of the cardstock dinosaurs, and cut each dinosaur into pieces (head, tail, spikes, feet, etc.). I buried these pieces in a pan of unpopped popcorn because you know how much my little guy loves digging in that stuff(!), but you can just lay them out on the table as well. Ask your child to match the cut out pieces with the pictures printed on colored paper and tell them they’re piecing together dinosaur fossils!


You can download the letter matching activity here.

And the dinosaur outlines here.

I also found a ton of fun activities online. Here are some of the things we did this week:

Bat Pumpkin Dinosaur letter matching (distinguishing between lowercase b, p and d)

Dinosaur emergent reader

Dinosaur Make Ten (addition activity)

Dinosaur letter tile cards 

Dinosaur three-part cards 

Dinosaur printable pack (from 3 Dinosaurs)

We also used this great book from National Geographic to learn more about the different species of dinosaurs.


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