Summer Travel with the Family: St. Louis

We love to travel in the summer, and since we live in the Midwest, we have several great options to checkout over the weekends.  Our first (and most frequented) city excursion was to St. Louis.  We love traveling to the Lou mainly because it’s so close, but also because there are so many great family-oriented options there!  This trip was totally kid-focused.

St. Louis Zoo

Summer travel with the family: St. LouisRated as one of the top zoos in the country by several family and travel publications, the zoo is a staple of our visits to St. Louis.  It’s clean, beautiful, and FREE!  Some of our favorite activities here are the penguin and puffin cove, elephant safari trail, and the train ride around the entire complex.  The zoo recently welcomed a baby polar bear, which will surely be a major attraction as well!

Science Center

Summer travel with the family: St. Louis

Boasting an Omnimax theater, planetarium, and exciting rotating exhibits, the St. Louis Science Center never disappoints.  The center offers something for kids (and adults) of every age, making this a great option or any family…and did I mention, it’s FREE?  My little guy especially loves the fossil digging section, featuring a huge T-Rex replica.

City Museum

Summer travel with the family: St. Louis

The City Museum is another staple of our trips to the city.  There is so much to explore in this giant, educational jungle gym, that you could spend more than one day exploring this attraction.  Each floor features new and exciting adventures, including an elaborate cave and tunnel system, rooftop bridges that lead to a suspended bus and airplane, an aquarium, and interesting museum exhibits (like the world’s largest pair of underwear!).  The City Museum never disappoints, and while it isn’t free, the cost of admission is a very reasonable $12 per person.


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