“Time to…” Activity Series

Learn to tell time and have fun during your preschool lesson.

When we began homeschooling, there were several lesson parts that my little one picked up on very quickly and numbers was one of them.  We moved past basic counting very quickly because it was boring him.  We had been doing basic addition and subtraction, but that quickly lost his attention as well so I decided to incorporate telling time into the weekly lesson plan.  At first, he wasn’t really interested in learning about a clock’s functions…that is until I began to include play time into the lesson.  Then, he got excited every time I brought out the clock!

I made several different “Time to…” worksheets so I thought I’d share them here:

Time to Race

Avengers Assemble!

To the Batmobile!

This concept is also included in my K is for Karate preschool pack.

The basic concept of this activity is pretty simple.  Using a learning clock (I got mine at Target), ask the child to read (or read it yourself) the sentence to determine what time the particular activity is scheduled to take place, then have the child move the hands to the correct time.  Another option is to set the time yourself, then have the child find the time on the sheet to determine which activity is supposed to occur.

Learn to tell time and have fun during preschool lesson.

This particular activity has been very successful for us.  Now he constantly informs me what time it is, and he connects those times with activities that he does throughout the day… 11:00 is lunch time, 1:00 is nap time, 6:00 is dinner time, etc.  So I hope this can help your little one master this skill as well!  Keep an eye out for more worksheets as I will keep including these in our lesson plans in the future!


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