Letters of the Week — P and Q

wpid-wp-1422977391767.jpegI typically stick to the one-letter-per-week format for my preschool lessons, but I had a really difficult time coming up with enough Q topics to fill an entire week, so I decided to combine the letters P and Q into a one-week segment.  Since we’re currently learning lowercase in addition to uppercase letters, I thought this would be fitting since lowercase p and q can be easily confused by little eyes.

As I have mentioned before, we start out each week with an ABC Find It from 1+1+1=1.  While we search for the matching images, we discuss the pictures and other words that start with the letter of the week.  We also use Letters of All Sizes uppercase and lowercase handwriting worksheets from The Measured Mom.  I include these in a binder with number writing worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler and a sheet with his name on it that I created.  Each page gets its own sheet protector so he can practice writing with a dry erase marker.

We began the week with my little one’s favorite story, “The Three Little Pigs.”  With the help of 3 Dinosaurs’ Three Little Pigs preschool pack, and some sticker sheets and lacing cards I found on clearance at Oriental Trading Co. (have I mentioned how much I love them?!?), he had a great time incorporating this story into the preschool lesson

wpid-wp-1422977406601.jpeg We then moved on to a pirate theme with the help of 1+1+1=1.  We used the Jake and the Neverland Pirates pack and the Pirates kindergarten pack.  In addition to sorting coins using a page from the pirates pack, we also designed a treasure chest (using an old jewelry box) and had a fun treasure hunt around the house.


My little one love creating his own map using clipart of common household objects to direct me where to find his treasure.  We played this for quite a while, and the LO even hid is treasure for Daddy to find when he got home from work!  Click here to download the map and clip-art page we used to create our treasure maps.

Letter of the week P preschool lessonwpid-wp-1422977342143.jpeg

We then moved on to the letter Q and used the Q Preschool Pack from Happy and Blessed Home.  This pack had a variety of Q-words, not focused on one particular theme, which was perfect for us this time around!  We also used these great (and free!) p and q worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers.

wpid-wp-1422977316876.jpeg wpid-wp-1422977302841.jpeg

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