Letter of the Week — Kk

IMAG1072When I began working from home, homeschooling my three-year-old was the furthest thing from my mind.  I had planned to find a great part-time preschool for him to attend…allowing him to interact with other kids his age and learn from someone (hopefully) more qualified than me.  After calling around to every daycare and school in my area, I realized this option wasn’t possible, so I began the often overwhelming — but also very rewarding — journey of homeschooling my preschooler.

After doing a great deal of online research, I opted to go the Letter of the Week route when developing my lesson plans.  This is our second time through the alphabet, this time adding lowercase letters.

I had a difficult time finding new worksheets for the letter K, so I made my own.  My little one is obsessed with super heroes, so I thought he would enjoy a karate-themed pack, complete with active karate play.  I also created a kangaroo and koala themed pack, which I complemented with these free kangaroo nomenclature cards from Trillium Montessori.

IMAG1069 IMAG1071

Both my karate-themed pack and kangaroo/koala themed pack are available in my Etsy shop!

K is for Karate_Page_05 K is for Kangaroo and Koala_Page_03


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